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The King Baudouin Foundation

The King Baudouin Foundation’s mission is to contribute to a better society.

The Foundation is an actor for change and innovation, serving the public interest and increasing social cohesion in Belgium and Europe. We seek to maximize our impact by strengthening the capacity of organizations and individuals. We also stimulate effective philanthropy by individuals and corporations.

The Foundation’s key values are integrity, transparency, pluralism, independence, respect for diversity, and promoting solidarity.

The Foundation’s current areas of activity are poverty and social justice, philanthropy, health, civic engagement, developing talents, democracy, European integration, heritage, sustainable development and Africa and developing countries.

The King Baudouin Foundation is a public benefit foundation. The Foundation was set up in 1976 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of King Baudouin's reign.

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A donation is the transfer of an item of property from one party to another, i.e. without any benefit for the donor. The best known way of doing this is a donation in cash, which often takes the form of a bank transfer.

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Donations of 40 euros or more made via the King Baudouin Foundation give rise to a tax reduction of 45% of the amount actually paid and stated on the certificate.

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